Java and C#/.NET are the top two skills for employers on StackOverflow and Dice

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At the Software Craftsmanship Guild we embrace the traditional Master/Apprentice model where apprenticeship involves dedication to one’s purpose and craft. Our instructors bring decades of experience and passion for not only the technical skills, but effective learning discipline in a hands-on-keys, open environment. We embrace the most popular enterprise technologies in two tracks: Microsoft's .NET™ and Oracle's Java™ under one roof. Our FIRM model of learning is the most effective means of learning. So whether you are a career changer or an experienced practitioner who needs a skills upgrade, we can help!

The current and projected demand for software developers continues to outplace other occupations according to federal labor statistics. There is a continuous shortage of development talent in the United States which is going to be exacerbated by the impending retirement of the baby-boomer generation, which is projected by some to remove 33% of the existing IT workforce via retirement. Further, the rapid pace of change in software technology means that traditional educational organizations can not keep pace due to the time and effort required to build accredited curriculum

Our next cohort starts April 13th, 2015!

The FIRM Learning Model


We start from scratch, introducing you to the concepts of how software is designed and implemented. Here we take you beyond the tools and show you the principles underneath so that in your journey as a software apprentice you can learn to learn to keep your skills fresh and be able to expand into new languages and frameworks.


Our cohorts immerse you in learning. There are no large lecture halls here, no inexperienced teacher's aides, and no video learning. In the Software Craftsmanship Guild programs you will be embedded with a small, focused group of motivated learners like yourself with a master practitioner guiding you every step of the way.


We have hundreds of labs, exercises, and samples to reinforce your learning. Periodically we will challenge you with coding quizzes, team mastery projects, and you will have the opportunity to create a capstone project of your own design to demonstrate the practical application of your new skills.


Your journey does not end after 12 weeks. As a guild we want to stay involved with our apprentices, giving them access to our expanding community, educational events, and networking opportunities. The journey from apprentice to master takes thousands of hours; the Guild and your peers will be there to guide you along the way.

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The Northeast Ohio Software Association helps promote region as a remarkable place to work and live, where savvy companies are doing great things. We're proud to be recognized for our hard work and value!

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David Basarab is a hiring manager at Cinemassive in Atlanta who works with the Software Craftsmanship Guild to hire talented .NET developers.

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